Bend Oregon Earth Day


As the parent of eight children, I have felt an extra responsibility to promote conservation efforts in our home – with some success. At the core of this effort is the simple idea: “Waste not!”. Here in Bend the Central Oregon Community College has partnered with our local Environmental Center to promote an entire month of conservation focus that goes far deeper than just attempting not to waste.

At CFS our main contribution to conservation efforts, as well as many other justice related issues, is to help clients to align their values with their investments. We also support these efforts through membership in the The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment US SIF, the Conservation Alliance (conservationalliance), and as a Green Spot business member with Bend’s Environmental Center. Each April the Center has organized an Earth Day fair and parade. For 2016 their partnership with COCC will promote an Earth Month. SUSTAIN (sustainco) Central Oregon is "a month long series of lectures, workshops, tours and films to educate and empower the Central Oregon community to embed sustainability into everyday life."

When the ‘Waste Not’ suggestion is made in our home it is often in reference to the green stuff that remains on a child’s plate at the end of a meal. Food and Agriculture is, appropriately, the theme of this week’s events. You can check out all that’s happening around Central Oregon at this site: (sustainco). One way to do your part might be just to pass along this link. If you own a business, or can influence a business owner, you could also consider supporting the Environmental Center by becoming a Green Spot Member (become a member today). The Center is getting close to its goal of reaching 85 new members by April 26! If you join before that deadline, a matching grant will double your member contribution!

As spring in Central Oregon brings green grass, flowers, swallows, marmots . . . this beauty and life all around us makes the desire to protect and conserve it seem like the natural response. Sustain Central Oregon events will provide you with the tools to do just that!