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Aligning its values with Socially Responsible Investment Advice

December 16, 2015 – Bend, Oregon – On the heels of introducing its new website, Cascade Financial Strategies (“CFS”) announced today it has converted to a fee-only operational structure to align its values with its investment advice. Going hand in hand with its socially responsible investment (“SRI”) offerings, clients of CFS can be even more confident the fiduciary advice they receive is being made in their best interest.

Unique to the industry and one of only a handful of firms in Bend to offer this type of partnership with its clients whereby compensation is not based on the commissions generated by the sale of products, but on actual advice they provide. Since the advisors at CFS will be paid in the same manner either way, they can recommend a product without having to consider commissions or which company offers it. With more options at their disposal, they have more freedom to choose the one that’s best for the client’s specific situation.

Statistically shown, fee-only financial planners purposefully choose this structure because they genuinely believe it’s the best way to place themselves on the same side of the table with their clients. The fee-only platform eliminates conflicts of interest that can exist under other compensation arrangements where commissions are involved.

“This is absolutely why CFS has evolved into offering the fee-only structure to its valued clients,” says Jack Schniepp CFP®, ChFC® and owner of Cascade Financial Strategies. “Our continued goal is to help clients meet their investment needs while aligning their portfolios with their values. We anticipate the conversion to fee only will attract these types of clients, whether they are non-profit foundations or individuals,” adds Schniepp.