Financial Planning

Proactive Steps for  Market Corrections

After many conversations with clients, I felt that some of the information I communicated to them was worth posting. Every market correction has presented some opportunities as well. Below are actions that I am taking in client accounts where they are appropriate. I’ve also listed a few things that should be avoided during times like … Read more

Jack’s Interview on KPOV – discussing SRI

A little over a year ago I was invited to be on the Open Air show with Dawn Newton. I listened to the replay recently just to see if what I shared on the show was still relevant. My reasoning for the use of Socially Responsible Investments has not changed! And, unfortunately, the main misconception … Read more

Chocolate like Gold

Chocolate is like gold around our house. Ever since my teenaged daughters found out about non-fair trade practices in the chocolate industry, we’ve had to adjust our intake. Fair Trade chocolate bars are expensive! None of my 8 kids will hesitate to tell you that it’s worth the sacrifice if it means preventing another child from … Read more