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Ryan Andrews with his daughter, Aria

Ryan Andrews with his daughter, Aria

Harvard Business Review published an interview in their November publication about how having a daughter affects the way in which a CEO runs their company. The article struck me for two reasons: 1) I have a daughter and love the idea that I might make more responsible business decisions as a father and 2) because my co-author, Jack, was introduced to SRI principles because his daughters were asking him about where their chocolate comes from (see our first blog post: Chocolate like gold Opens in a new window). This validates – at least anecdotally – that it’s true, our daughters somehow hold us to a higher standard of accountability when it come to making sound business decisions.

I recommend reading the full article here:
https://hbr.org/2015/11/ceos-with-daughters-run-more-socially-responsible-firms Opens in a new window

According to the article, companies led by CEO’s with daughters score above the median in the following categories:

  • +13.7% diversity
  • +6.5% community
  • +6.3% employee retention
  • +6.0 % product
  • +4.6% environment
  • +1.0% human rights

Apparently our children have a significant influence on us and daughters tend to care more about the personal well-being of others which influences the decisions their parents make at the companies. My daughter is a year and a half old, so she is not asking me about how I run my company yet, but I do think that just having a daughter has made me more sensitive to others and more thoughtful about what I do in the marketplace. I think my daughter has impacted the way I do business.