City Council to discuss Climate Change issues

Last year I spoke at a Bend City Council meeting about the need to address climate change issues from a business perspective. I’m not implying that by any means my three minute speech had much of an impact on the Council, but I am pleased to see that they are willing to discuss potential action steps tonight at their meeting. You can find more detailed information in this Bend bulletin article (bendbulletin) and on the Bend Environmental Center website (envirocenter ).


From an investment standpoint, we have continuously pointed to increased legislation addressing climate issues as a powerful driver in the alternative energy space. As more citizens demand action from their governments, publicly trades companies will respond with the products to fulfill the demand. You don’t have to even be concerned over the environment to see that these pressures will pave the way for investment opportunities. With the collapse of share prices in fossil fuel related industries and the growth of many companies in the alternative energy space, this shift is difficult to ignore.