Interview Replay – SRI Overview with Jack on KPOV

Last week I had the opportunity to give an interview with local Bend radio station KPOV and Dawn Newton on her Open Air show. It was my first experience with live radio and I had a lot of fun! A a link to the full interview (15 minutes) is below.

Dawn was a great interviewer! Speaking about something I’m passionate for came more easily than I expected. The topic was somewhat of an SRI 101. I gave a general definition of socially responsible investing and how I began to research and utilize it. As you already know if you’ve read almost any of our posts, in simplest terms SRI is investing according to your values. We also covered some of the origins of SRI starting with the early American Quakers and their stand against businesses involved in the slavery industry; and how SRI picked up steam over the apartheid issue in South Africa. Of course we addressed the returns dilemma – the misconception that you must accept poor investment returns when investing when attempting to invest responsibly. I also highlighted some of the incredible growth in SRI over the past few years. Hope you enjoy the interview!

The SRI Interview starts at minute 4:40.