Millennials, the most “Responsible” generation?

An emerging trend among millennials shows a desire to use their money to support causes that bring about change. A recent report by Nuveen Investments from their Annual Responsible Investing Survey found that the vast majority of millennials (92%) say “I care more about having a positive impact on society than doing well financially.” Among non-millennials, just over half (52%) selected this statement as something they agreed with.

In the workplace, millennials hold to these same values with 90%, compared to only 70% of non-millennials, preferring to work at socially responsible companies.

Here’s a link to the executive summary:
Survey Responses

These statistics in the survey show a huge increase in support of socially responsible investing (SRI) and business practices from as recently as two years ago. I believe this is good news for all of us and definitely something that corporate America needs to pay attention to. As I’ve pointed out often in my posts, companies making a positive impact and that follow SRI standards represent solid investment possibilities as they are in a position to receive the support of the growing SRI movement. It’s usually a sound investment strategy to follow the flow of the dollars, and the flow seems to be moving in a clear direction.