Financial Planning

Our comprehensive Financial Planning Process – is more than just investments.

Each individual is unique as should be the strategies that direct their financial strategy. We implement planning-based strategies which include investment strategies that are the product of a well-developed plan. Although this process requires significantly more effort initially, it is one of the only ways to adequately address the funding needs of lifetime goals.

In many ways we act as your “Personal” or “Family CFO”. Just as the chief financial officer of a company develops the financial strategy to achieve company objectives, we serve you and your family to address all factors that might influence your finances now, and for years to come. When appropriate, we also collaborate with your attorney, accountant, and any other financial professionals to ensure a cohesive plan.

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, Cascade Financial Strategies’ open architecture means we have no financial incentive to recommend one product or strategy over another.  This allows us to provide unbiased planning-based strategies for each situation. We primarily utilize a fee based platform where all fees are disclosed up-front.

Our mission is to provide our clients planning-based strategies that address every financial obstacle they may face throughout their lifetime. These strategies always address specific client goals and needs through comprehensive financial planning, conservative investment management, and the utilization of prudent risk management strategies.

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