SRI and Fee-only Financial Planner on the West Coast – Working together

Working Together, Remotely

For SRI and fee-only financial planning in the western U.S., we've got you covered. Cascade Financial Strategies serves clients throughout the west including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona and California.

Serving clients with SRI and fee-only financial planning needs outside of our Bend, Oregon home office is possible given increasing internet speeds and security of cloud technologies. We meet in the convenience of your own home or office via web conference call technology.

Getting started. We'll start with a phone call to see if there's a fit for financial planning services. From this initial conversation you will know if Cascade Financial Strategies is the right match for your financial goals and needs.

We then move on to completing a financial planning questionnaire. Your answers form the topic of a second meeting, with a written service proposal.

We meet 'in person', online via Skype and a reliable internet connection.

Working together
During the first year of our work together we will meet as often as needed to establish a financial plan and corresponding investment strategy. These meetings also serve to build a level of comfort and mutual understanding, helping clients to stick with the plan that is now in place.

We might then we move to meeting on a quarterly basis. And then after a year or two most clients are comfortable with an annual review.

Throughout the year we provide frequent email updates regarding the economic and market conditions or items that affect your account specifically. And meetings in our Old Mill District, Bend, Oregon office can be arranged during your travels here.

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