Economic Outlook

Proactive Steps for  Market Corrections

After many conversations with clients, I felt that some of the information I communicated to them was worth posting. Every market correction has presented some opportunities as well. Below are actions that I am taking in client accounts where they are appropriate. I’ve also listed a few things that should be avoided during times like … Read more

Jack’s letter to clients: What to do in this Market

Good morning, With so much craziness going on in our world right now, I wanted to at least make this email connection with all of you. I have actually had relatively few phone conversations with clients considering the current situation that we find ourselves in. Most of my calls have focused on client goals and … Read more

Market Correction? (Outlook for 2018)

It seems that whenever an extended period of growth passes in the stock market, everyone begins calling for a correction. What is a correction? It seems to imply that a rise in share prices always becomes incorrect at some point where fixing is needed. This type of thinking relates well with how most people think … Read more

Mid-Year Economic Outlook

The bullets below are a summary of LPL Financial’s Mid-Year Outlook for the economy and the markets. Although we’ve had many ups and downs already this year, their projections are still tracking. The outlook they present in this publication is similar to many other investment firms and analysts. That is one of the problems with … Read more