Investment Research

Market Correction? (Outlook for 2018)

It seems that whenever an extended period of growth passes in the stock market, everyone begins calling for a correction. What is a correction? It seems to imply that a rise in share prices always becomes incorrect at some point where fixing is needed. This type of thinking relates well with how most people think … Read more

Not so happy anniversary today . . .

Today marks the anniversary of the largest single day market decline in history, otherwise known as “Black Monday”. This article (Black Monday), posted on our website, compares the market and economic conditions leading up to the crash of 1987 with our current environment referencing both Fundamental and Technical gauges. It’s a very interesting report, in … Read more

Reasons to Own Stocks as Markets Hit New Highs

As markets hit new highs at the close on Monday, the timing of providing this mid-year outlook seemed appropriate. Many have raised questions about continuing to own stocks when returns this year have already reached the high end of most forecasts. LPL addresses this concern and provides other solid factors pointing towards the possibility of … Read more

#1 Reason Advisors don’t offer SRI

It seems that no matter how much evidence flows in that counters the pervasive idea that responsible investing produces inferior returns, most investment professionals still choose to deny the facts. Responses from my local Bend colleagues regarding Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) continue to be influenced by this misconception. This is still the main reason they … Read more

Market and Economic Outlook for 2017

Happy New Year! Below is a summary of LPL Financial’s economic and market outlook/forecast. You can follow the link to view the entire piece. This broad view provided by LPL is very similar to the majority opinions of most investment firms. I hope that the information will help you gain a general perspective on the … Read more