Investment Returns

Jack’s letter to clients: What to do in this Market

Good morning, With so much craziness going on in our world right now, I wanted to at least make this email connection with all of you. I have actually had relatively few phone conversations with clients considering the current situation that we find ourselves in. Most of my calls have focused on client goals and … Read more

Mid-Year Economic Outlook

The bullets below are a summary of LPL Financial’s Mid-Year Outlook for the economy and the markets. Although we’ve had many ups and downs already this year, their projections are still tracking. The outlook they present in this publication is similar to many other investment firms and analysts. That is one of the problems with … Read more

Why Do Advisors Not Offer SRI Portfolios

It seems that no matter how much evidence flows in that counters the pervasive idea that responsible investing produces inferior returns, most investment professionals still choose to deny the facts. Responses from my local Bend colleagues regarding Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) continue to be influenced by this misconception. This is still the main reason they … Read more