Socially Responsible Investing
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Feature article about SRI in the Source Weekly by Jack Schniepp

SRI Investing

“Socially responsible investing lets people live their values” says Jack Schniepp in his article that published in Source Weekly this week.  In the article, Jack shares about SRI, value of having the CFP designation and being a fee only advisor in addition to offering some investment principles.  Check it out here:   Source Weekly Article

Webinar about SRI

Evaluating Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investments:  Learn how to align your investments and your values with Jack Schniepp, CFP on his webinar at Deschutes County Library. Jack Schniepp, a financial advisor and the founder of Cascade Financial Strategies, discusses the value of choosing Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) when making a financial plan, with Liz Goodrich from … Read more

Top Company rankings related to Conflict Minerals in the DRC

I first heard of the issues surrounding mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at my church nearly a decade ago. Valuable minerals, also known as conflict minerals in this region, are controlled and manipulated by all sides in the DRC’s ongoing civil war. The innocent civilians of the country are the victims … Read more

Martin Luther King Jr. Day kicks off Justice week

At our house, Martin Luther King Jr. day kicks off Justice week in our homeschool. We nearly always watch a replay of his great speech at the Lincoln Memorial from 1963. I’m deeply moved and inspired by his words, passion and the incredible work he did. Here’s a link to the great speech (I Have … Read more