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Philanthropic Foundations doing more harm than good?

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I know, this sounds like a silly question. Does anyone really think that organizations which are giving billions of dollars for good causes are actually causing any harm? Before answering, it is important to understand how private foundations usually operate. To avoid an IRS penalty, these foundations are required to annually distribute 5 percent of … Read more

SRI Misconception #1

SRI investment growth

Ask most financial advisors about Socially Responsible Investments and they will likely defer to the standard response, “We can do SRI but you’ll have to sacrifice returns”. I know, because that is what I used to tell clients in my first 10 years in this industry when I was working at larger firms. It’s the message … Read more

Evolution of SRI Investing

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My undergrad degree was in history so I always seem to feel the need to begin with a look back. SRI investments probably existed in many shapes and forms for as long as societies have been bartering and exchanging goods. In this country the Quakers may have been the first to attempt to put their … Read more

Chocolate like Gold

Fair Trade Chocolate

Chocolate is like gold around our house. Ever since my teenaged daughters found out about non-fair trade practices in the chocolate industry, we’ve had to adjust our intake. Fair Trade chocolate bars are expensive! None of my 8 kids will hesitate to tell you that it’s worth the sacrifice if it means preventing another child from … Read more