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We are a boutique FEE ONLY Financial Planning and Investment Management firm that provides planning-based strategies and unbiased advice. We aim at addressing the financial obstacles encountered throughout a lifetime. Please watch this little video about our team that shares with you more about our mission in serving our clients.

SRI Bend Oregon


Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is an investment strategy that analyzes investments on their social merits in addition to their return and economic merits. Our blog, SRIbend.com, is dedicated to publishing educational information on this investment strategy. CFS is the only firm in Central Oregon that is a member of the US/SIF, The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. CFS is an advocate and supporter of many other local and national organizations that promote sustainable and responsible living.


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There are always concerns in the investment realm including inflation; increased government debt, market corrections, volatility, etc., but with strong fundamentals which include double-digit earnings expectations in the coming quarter, improved consumer sentiment, and continued favorable monetary and policy support, there are very good arguments to be made for staying invested in 2021 and beyond.

Legacy Income Trusts

Individuals with highly appreciated investments, a need for income, and a desire to financially support a charity have likely been introduced to Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT). The way the trust works is that the donor receives an income stream for life based on the amount contributed, and a charity receives the remaining balance of the trust when the donor passes away.

Dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to change or elimination. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Diversification does not guarantee profit or protect against loss in declining markets. Alternative investments are complex investment vehicles which generally have high costs and substantial risks.