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Are your “Sustainable” funds really Fossil Fuel-Free?

It turns out that there is a downside to the rapid growth seen in the Socially Responsible Investment arena, being able to clearly define what SRI means. If your intent is to own companies that are completely Fossil Fuel Free, you will want to check out this... read more

Mid-Year Outlook

We’re more than half way through the year which means that all of the investment firms are presenting their Mid-Year Outlooks on the market and the economy. The message has not changed much because the fundamentals have stayed the same, from a relative standpoint.... read more

Risks of not applying ESG screening

There have been many examples throughout investment history when massive changes have propelled a business or sector. This usually happens at the expense of another business due to advances in technology that were often ignored. In this article (The Canary in the Coal... read more

Foodie Crawl this Sunday!

Cascade Financial Strategies is a proud sponsor of NeighborImpact’s annual Foodie Crawl event! I’m looking forward to spending the evening with my wife and friends enjoying the fine food, drink and festivities offered by over a dozen downtown Bend, OR restaurants!... read more

Jack’s Interview on KPOV – discussing SRI

A little over a year ago I was invited to be on the Open Air show with Dawn Newton. I listened to the replay recently just to see if what I shared on the show was still relevant. My reasoning for the use of Socially Responsible Investments has not changed! And,... read more

SRI Growth of 38% in 2018!

The 2018 US Sustainable Investment Forum’s (US|SIF) SRI Trends report has arrived and the executive summary can be accessed HERE.. The increase in assets flowing into Socially Responsible Investments continues to grow rapidly! The report shows that from 2016 to 2018... read more

Don’t Fight the Tape!

There’s an old saying related to the stock market that dates back to the time before computers, “Don’t fight the tape”. The term “tape” refers to the ticker tape that used to transmit the price of stocks. The idea, of course, is that when stocks are... read more

A National Conservation leader right here in Bend!

In late October our firm participated in the Conservation Alliance Backyard Collective. This locally based organizations hosts this annual work detail to bring together member company employees for a half day of trail work, invasive species removal and other projects... read more

How often do -5% market pullbacks occur?

Like most financial advisors I always feel a bit on edge as October approaches each year. As most of you know all too well, it is the month that has produced some of the markets most infamous days. October ’18 was true to form with greatly increased market volatility... read more

Another Report Confirming the Value of ESG

A new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) confirms the value of incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investment criteria as options within retirement plans. (GAO Report Overview May ’18) GAO’s survey of academic... read more

Mid-Year Outlook 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re over half way through the Year! Although 2018 has not been as favorable as last year and has included a pullback in the S&P 500 of over 10%, most markets have climbed out of the red and many firms, like LPL, have a favorable outlook for... read more

Bad Guys driving social change?

The negative views held by many of Corporate America are likely seen as only second to how politicians in Washington are viewed. But businesses are also acknowledged as holding the greatest potential to bring about positive change in ways that politicians and the... read more

Lesson’s from MLK

At our house, Martin Luther King Jr. day kicks off Justice week in our homeschool. We nearly always watch a replay of his great speech at the Lincoln Memorial from 1963. I’m deeply moved and inspired by his words, passion and the incredible work he did.... read more

Previewing Oregon’s newest Cap-and-Trade bill

Last week I attended the Central Oregon launch party for the Oregon Business Alliance for Climate. This organization formed earlier this year with the main goal of helping establish a “Cap and Invest” program in the state. They hope to accomplish this through Senate... read more

New Faces and Spaces – More Growth for CFS!

Our office just got bigger! Actually, it’s a new office, but it still feels like home being just across the hall from our old one. If you like to stop by and see the new place, just go straight at the top of the stairs to 5B instead of taking a left to 3B. More... read more

#1 Reason Advisors don’t offer SRI

It seems that no matter how much evidence flows in that counters the pervasive idea that responsible investing produces inferior returns, most investment professionals still choose to deny the facts. Responses from my local Bend colleagues regarding Socially... read more

Where $1 in every $5 is invested may surprise you!

Each year the U.S. Sustainable Investment Forum (US SIF) tracks the assets that are invested according to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) guidelines. In 2016, more than $1 in every $5 invested by professional investment managers in the United States was directed... read more

Hosting the Green Drinks EXPO!

We are co-hosting this Thursday’s Green Drinks Expo! The Bend Environmental Center  and local Green Spot Businesses like Cascade Financial Strategies (CFS) play host to the rotating venue every other month. This is the kickoff event for 2017 which will feature CFS and... read more

Post Election 2017 Outlook

Before providing projections for next year, the LPL Research team takes a look back at this time last year when the markets were recovering from more than a -10% pullback only to enter a period of steeper declines in January and February of this year. After the... read more

Post election sell-off?

The information found in this blog post seems to point in the opposite direction of a market sell-off. Post-Election sell-off? I thought that it might make for a good diversion to all of the other news that will be coming out tomorrow. I like the positive projections... read more

Wells Fargo “Ethics” and new DOL rules

Many of you know that prior to going “independent” I worked at Wells Fargo Advisors. I must admit, I’ve breathed many sighs of relief over the last few weeks that I’m not in the position of trying to explain the big bank’s highly publicized fraud issues. I’m not going... read more

Feels good to by right, sometimes!

On August 26, 2016 we published this post entitled, “5 Reasons we won’t have a Recession in the next 12 months.” One year later the reasoning behind this forecast has been proved correct! Markets have reached new highs and most economic indicators... read more

Mid-Year Economic Outlook

The bullets below are a summary of LPL Financial’s Mid-Year Outlook for the economy and the markets. Although we’ve had many ups and downs already this year, their projections are still tracking. The outlook they present in this publication is similar to many other... read more

City Council to discuss Climate Change issues

Last year I spoke at a Bend City Council meeting about the need to address climate change issues from a business perspective. I’m not implying that by any means my three minute speech had much of an impact on the Council, but I am pleased to see that they are willing... read more

Investing for Impact, Portland

I had the opportunity last week to make the beautiful drive over to Portland to take part in an annual Socially Responsible Investment event. This has always proved to be motivating and full of great information about the latest SRI trends and insight. Here are a few... read more

act Locally – Earth Month, Bend

As the parent of eight children, I have felt an extra responsibility to promote conservation efforts in our home – with some success. At the core of this effort is the simple idea: “Waste not!”. Here in Bend the Central Oregon Community College has partnered with our... read more

Opportunities in Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has come a very long way in recent years. If you have ever wondered about the possibility of aligning your personal values with your investments, now is the time to take a serious look at this fast growing segment of the market.... read more

PNW stocks for the Outdoor Enthusiast

There are many ways to evaluate a company’s value as an investor. Rather than utilizing technical or even fundamental measures such as P/E ratios or 50 day moving averages, I decided to choose criteria that might be of interest to those who are passionate about the... read more

Lessons from MLK and the Influence of our Dollars

(I am proud to introduce my 23 year old son Caleb as the guest blogger of this post! I love his reflections on how the methods of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement can be applied to responsible investment issues.) There isn’t a day that... read more

SRI and Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Justice issues are the reason I began researching Socially Responsible Investing. Our first blog (ChocolateLikeGold) describes how my family became aware of the forced labor of children on the cocoa farms of West Africa. The topic of human trafficking is possibly the... read more

SRI Momentum accelerates in ‘15

– Oil Exports, Paris Climate Conferences and the top 10 advances in ’15.  Just as in each of the past few years, 2015 produced major advances in the Socially Responsible Investment realm. Events in the past month served to put an exclamation point on what is sure to... read more

More SRI Growth potential!

It seems that each month brings more news of momentum in the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) realm! On October 27th the US Department of Labor issued an “Interpretive Bulletin” which could open the door for substantial increases in the use of Socially... read more

History of Socially Responsible Investing

My undergrad degree was in history so I always seem to feel the need to begin with a look back. SRI investments probably existed in many shapes and forms for as long as societies have been bartering and exchanging goods. In this country the Quakers may have been the... read more

Even more reasons to divest from fossil fuels

A few months ago we wrote about “5 Reasons to Consider Divesting from Fossil Fuels” (reproduced below). A recent article in Inside Philanthropy added even more (fossil) fuel to the fire – so to speak. “We predicted that it wouldn’t be... read more

The next trend for big corporations

“Walmart uses a half percent of all the electricity produced in the United States, ranking it ahead of 12 states in electricity consumption” according to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. “The Google’s search engine’s 5-minute... read more

The business case for women in business

I have a special interest in issues affecting women due to being blessed with a wife and 5 daughters. By October all five will be teenagers! If you’ve spent much time with teenagers you know that they can be very passionate about various causes. On top of this, their... read more

SRI Funds for the DIY investor

For the DIY (do it yourself) investor that is looking at some different mutual funds to invest in, in which case said investor will likely google “socially responsible funds” and click on the first couple of links – an article from Kiplinger that is... read more

Battery Powered Future

Our parent firm, LPL Financial, is not necessarily known for promoting Socially Responsible Investments. But a recent article produced by their research team serves to highlight the true opportunity that SRI presents. In the same week Credit Suisse released a similar... read more

Green Drinks

On Thursday evening last week, Jack and I attended a local event called Green Drinks in Bend, Oregon. Green Drinks is a very loose confederacy of self-organizing groups that meet in various communities around the world. The idea is to gather people together who have a... read more

SRI Benefits for local Businesses

Last week I was invited to speak at the Bend City Council meeting on behalf of local businesses. Groups supporting a Bend Climate Action plan found us through this blog and asked if we could present a case for why local businesses might be supportive of the plan. You... read more

SRI for Aristotle

At SRI Bend we talk a lot about SRI investing being an “investment strategy”. As if it is just one of the menu items that investors have to choose from: value investing, growth investing, long/short investing, global macro investing…there are many, but you get the... read more

5 Reasons to Consider Divesting from Fossil Fuels

OK, I admit, the title is not exactly true. But two reasons just did not sound like enough to grab your attention. They’re both very good ones and we will end up with five at the end: 1) For the planet . . . if you believe Climate Change is a reality. 2) For your... read more

Lessons in ethics and greed

“What a surprise! We raised a generation of bright kids without a foundation in religion, and they’ve grown up and gone to Wall Street. We never told them that the virtuous life was both necessary and hard, that character was something that had to be built step by... read more

SRI Misconception #1 . . . Poor Returns.

Ask most financial advisors about Socially Responsible Investments and they will likely defer to the standard response, “We can do SRI but you’ll have to sacrifice returns”. I know, because that is what I used to tell clients in my first 10 years in this industry when... read more

Evolution of SRI Investing

My undergrad degree was in history so I always seem to feel the need to begin with a look back. SRI investments probably existed in many shapes and forms for as long as societies have been bartering and exchanging goods. In this country the Quakers may have been the... read more

The New Value(s) Investors (Part 2)

For an overview on Socially Responsible Investing please see Part 1 of this series here: http://www.sribend.com/the-new-values-investors-part-1/ Investors looking for some simple steps they can start to take to move their portfolio toward aligning more closely with... read more

The New Value(s) Investors (Part 1)

Value Investing is responsible for some of the world’s most significant fortunes; think Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Traditional value investing consists of finding companies with a stock price that is cheap compared to it’s ‘intrinsic value’. Intrinsic value... read more

Chocolate like Gold

Chocolate is like gold around our house. Ever since my teenaged daughters found out about non-fair trade practices in the chocolate industry, we’ve had to adjust our intake. Fair Trade chocolate bars are expensive! None of my 8 kids will hesitate to tell you that it’s... read more