Lesson’s from MLK

At our house, Martin Luther King Jr. day kicks off Justice week in our homeschool. We nearly always watch a replay of his great speech at the Lincoln Memorial from 1963. I’m deeply moved and inspired by his words, passion and the incredible work he did. Here’s a link to the great speech (I Have a Dream). Most are familiar with some of the famous words, but if you have not actually watched it in it’s entirety, I highly recommend it.

MLK_-_March_on_Washington 1963

During the Civil Rights Movement, King championed the powerful method of non-violent protests. The image below of the Greensboro “sit-ins” led to the Woolworth department store chain removing its policy of racial segregation. Along with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, an economic dent was made that helped lead to much needed reforms legally and culturally.


Modern activist investors are also influencing important causes and issues through economic means by the selection of the investments within their portfolios. Money talks, and the growth of Socially Responsible Investing is clear evidence that even individual investors can have an Impact on the justice issues dear to them. If you’d like to find out more about how your investments can align with your values and the causes that concern you, you might consider taking advantage of our Portfolio Impact Assessment. You can sign up for an assessment on our website: Cascade Financial Strategies