How often do -5% market pullbacks occur?

Like most financial advisors I always feel a bit on edge as October approaches each year. As most of you know all too well, it is the month that has produced some of the markets most infamous days. October ’18 was true to form with greatly increased market volatility and some unnerving declines. Many were hopeful that leaving the dark month behind and getting the mid-term elections out of the way would bring a smoother ride entering the holidays. This may still be the case, but November has piled on to October for the most part so far.

This link is to an article that might be helpful in maintaining a correct perspective through times like these. Market Volatility Kit

The market volatility we’ve experienced recently is actually somewhat more normal than the extreme lack of ups and downs that we’ve had over the past few years.
Attempting to predict moves in the market or to even provide specific causes has proved to be nearly impossible. Because of this, successful investors have focused on longer term investing which diminishes the impact of market volatility in stock prices, and relies more on business and economic fundamentals. I agree with the opinion of the majority of analysts and economists that those fundamentals are still solid, even with the many headwinds that always seem to be present.

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